About Me

Hey there, thanks for stopping by my page and taking the time to get to know me. I’m happy to share why I started this blog and the driving force behind it.

I am Iman

I’m a NICU Nurse that has a passion for teaching and empowering families through knowledge. I also became a NICU parent too, with my son. My son, Bilal, was born at 31 5/7 wks. I had a complicated and high-risk pregnancy. I have the unique experience of being on both sides of the NICU world, as a nurse and as a parent. I have learned soo much, and through this blog, I want to share my insight and experience with other NICU parents.

At this moment of writing my page, I just had another baby boy who was born full-term!!!! So, having a full-term baby after having a preemie can happen and will happen for you, so never give up hope!

Through this blog, I want to provide a bit of light and hope through knowledge to parents, so they can better navigate the unknown world of the NICU. Everything I teach or talk about on my blog is from my personal experience as a NICU parent and my experience as a NICU nurse.

Premature baby born at 31 5/7 wks

My goal is to give parents tools and insight they can use before starting their NICU journey. If I can help one parent feel empowered and confident to take on NICU from reading my blog, then my job is done.

I currently live in Western Canada with my family. Besides being at home with my two boys, I’m also working on my Masters of Nursing in Teaching. Even though my plate is full, I’m so grateful to be able to create this blog to reach and connect with other NICU parents. 

The biggest lesson I learned from being a NICU parent is that any hardship you are going through right now is temporary!

It will end and things will get better!! Just don’t lose hope and keep pushing.

If you have any questions and need to contact me for any reason, please email me at nicunurseiman@gmail.com

7 yrs NICU Experience
16 hrs fragile feeding course completed
11 000 hrs + spend teaching and empowering families

What can you learn from me?

1.Improve your NICU knowledge and terms

2.Learn all about premature babies and how to care for them

3.High risk pregnancies and how to manage it

4. Importance of self care of your physical and mental health