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Hey there, strong Mama! 👋

I know what it’s like to be be suddenly hospitalized and are scared for yourself and your baby ( I was 29 wks in this pic)!

<- (I might be smiling in this pic, but everyday I was scared)

I get it, I was there once and I have learned alot that I would love to share with you.
I have the unique experience of being a NICU nurse who eventually became a NICU mom.
I know how it feels to have no control of your health and have no idea what’s going to happen to your baby once they’re born.
But the good news is… you can get some of the control back.

You Deserve to.....

The Must Have Guide for High Risk Pregnancy and NICU 

will help you  feel empowered to take on hospitalization and care for your baby in NICU


I got you covered. Are you ready to get started?

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With the Guide for High Risk Pregnancy Hospitalization & NICU, You Will...​

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Hi, I'm Iman...

My passion is to educate and empower 
parents, so they have the confidence to advocate for themselves and their baby.
I’m a NICU nurse ,who also had a high risk pregnancy and eventually had my own preemie baby at 31 wks.
I felt like I had no control of my pregnancy and my health. I was stuck in a hospital room and not sure what to do. I was alone most of the time. But through my experience, I learned different ways to help myself and advocate for myself. Also my knowledge as a NICU nurse really helped me prepare for the NICU. 
So I want to share my knowledge with you! 
Being hospitalized in pregnancy and having a premature baby is not something anyone can prepare you for. 
I hope to relieve some fear of the antepartum and NICU experience. And to be a reminder to never give up hope.


This product is an Ebook, which means it’s a digital book that is meant to be read on a computer, tablet or phone. No physical book will be provided.

This book does not explain the different conditions that can cause a high risk pregnancy.  But in this book, I do link 1 blog post from my website that you can check out for more information on these conditions. 

Instead this book gives advice and tips to helps moms with being hospitalized and gives an introduction to the NICU.

Yes, this ebook covers the beginning of your NICU journey and tips that can help you. This book is great for parents who are new to the NICU and been there for less than 4 wks. 

No, this book only focuses on the pregnancy hospitalization, birth, and the beginning of your NICU journey. This is because a book explaining the whole NICU experience would be very long. Instead I wanted to focus on how I can help parents at the beginning of their NICU journey and give them tools that will help them with the rest of their NICU stay. 

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Guide for High Risk Pregnancy Hospitalization and NICU


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