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    FREE Secret Checklist to De-stress your NICU Visits

    • Feeling stressed and tired of everyday NICU visits?
    • Forgetting important items at home when you go visit your little one?
    • Be more prepared and enjoy your NICU visits with your baby with this FREE Checklist
    • This checklist also includes reminders to help you keep pushing through your NICU journey

    Free NICU Milestone Checklist for your Baby

    • Wondering what are the common NICU milestones for your baby?
    • This checklist offers a plan on the milestones and helps you look forward to your baby growing in front of your eyes!

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    Hi, I’m Iman…

    Welcome to my NICU blog! I’m a NICU Nurse that has a passion for teaching and empowering families through knowledge. I also became a NICU parent too. My son, Bilal, was born at 31 5/7 wks. I had a complicated and high-risk pregnancy. I have the unique experience of being on both sides of the NICU world, as a nurse and as a parent.

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